Middle School

Personalised learning is used to engage and support individual students learning across the curriculum in the Middle School Module. Year 3 and 4 students enjoy Literacy and Numeracy sessions which promote independent learning and thinking skills. Developing Digital Technology skills and understanding is an integral part of our curriculum, with students able to access laptops and IPads to support their learning.

In our maths lessons we use a range of hands on and written activities to try and cater to the wide range of learning styles within our classrooms. Our maths lessons all begin with number fluency, this is where we do quick number activities to review what we have learnt throughout the year. Each lesson has a launch where students learn new content, this is followed by a period of discovery where students explore what they have learnt. We run focus groups of students who work with the teacher to further develop or extend their understandings of different mathematical concepts and topics. The lesson finishes with a summary where students have a chance to review, consolidate and share the new concepts and strategies they have learnt. Maths lessons are differentiated to best cater to the ability level of our students. In maths we cover the following topics:

  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Area
  • Money & Financial Math
  • Shape & Angles
  • Volume & Capacity
  • The 4 operations
  • Fractions & decimals
  • Transformations & symmetry

Our Reading Workshops allow students to develop a wide variety of strategies to help develop student’s proficiency in reading. Each lesson we focus on a particular strategy and how to use it when reading. During each session we also have a period of sustained independent reading. During this time the teacher runs focus groups for guided reading or conferences with individual students which allows the teacher and student to discuss a reading goal to work towards. 

Our writing curriculum covers a variety of writing types and styles. Some of these include narrative, persuasive, recount, poem, procedural and information. Each week we have a writing focus and students work on this piece for the duration of the week. During this time students come up with seeds or ideas, create a plan, write, edit and occasionally publish their work.

Inquiry learning sessions are designed to broaden students’ knowledge and understandings of our world. It also provides opportunities to develop research skills and work independently, as well as collaboratively with their classmates. We incorporate Digital Technologies into our lessons to make lessons engaging and help prepare students for the future. Our inquiry units cover topics in Science, History and Geography and include a project that is student lead and shared with their peers.