SWPBS at Waverley Meadows P.S.

Teaching of Positive Behaviour

Positive behaviour expectations on the WMPS matrix are explicitly taught in all classrooms and settings across the school.

Each week, one of the school expectations will be chosen from the matrix as a focus for the whole school.

STAR TIME’ will take place for 10 minutes each day of the week, after recess or lunch time in all classrooms exposing all students to the SWPBS matrix, the positive behaviours and the reasons why it is important to display that behaviour. Students will be modelled the expectations then will have the opportunity to put the expectation into practice before reflecting on the expectation at the end of the week.

Current Reward Systems

Acknowledgement of Positive Behaviours – Outside STARS

Students displaying positive behaviours as defined in our school behaviour matrix are verbally acknowledged. At this time, the student will also be given a coloured star, respective to our expectations, to add the whole school STAR boxes in the corridor of the office building. The whole school work towards a set total amount of stars. Once that goal has been met there is a whole school celebration at the same time on the same day. E.g.: In Term 3, students were set the goal of 350 stars for positive behavior displayed outside that met our expectations on the WMPS behavior matrix. The students reached that target and the whole school celebration occurred a few days later. Student preferences for whole school celebrations were tallied earlier in the term.


Acknowledgement of Positive Behaviours – Inside STARS

In Term 4 an inside system will be introduced for students demonstrating positive behaviour. Students will be acknowledged with a small star to add to the classroom chart when they meet an expectation from our behaviour matrix. Positive feedback will also be given. The students will have a ‘menu’ of rewards to choose from when they reach 5, 10, 15 or 20 stars on the chart. The students will have the option to ‘cash in’ their 5 stars for a reward from the 5 star menu list or they can choose to continue to save their stars on their way to a reward from one of the higher amount menu lists. When a student reaches 10 classroom chart stars they can also add a big star to the whole school star boxes located in the foyer.


The SWPBS team meet on a fortnightly basis to analyse behaviour data and ensure the SWPBS action is implemented across the school. Team members consists of the following staff members:

  • Deanne Barrie (Principal)
  • Jake Laurie (Assistant Principal)
  • Adrian Lo Ricco (Grade 2/3 Classroom Teacher, SWPBS Leader)
  • Mandy Dennehy (Art, Music, SAKG)
  • Daniel Lewis (Grade 1/2 Classroom Teacher)
  • Christopher Bird (Grade 5/6 Classroom Teacher)
  • Tracy Bakes (Office)