About Us



Waverley Meadows provides a wonderful learning environment that challenges students to be their best, whist supporting them to grow as successful learners.  Students are strongly encouraged to develop their learning strengths and follow their passions whether it is in Arts, Sport, Science, Writing, or Mathematics. I am extremely proud of the results our students achieve in all areas of their learning. Our students are supported by teachers who aspire to also do their best, take on learning challenges and aim high.


Our school is built on the values of REACH for the stars: RESILIENCE, EXCELLENCE, ACCEPTANCE, CO OPERATION and HONESTY. Our school motto – ‘To Learn is the Grow’ supports the growth mindset we instil in our students to support them in becoming hard working, community minded citizens of the future.


With a major focus on curriculum development and Personalised Learning, our dedicated staff are continuously improving their knowledge and skill base to deliver high quality, engaging programs to our students. A growth mindset is promoted in all activities. We focus on continuous improvement with a commitment that all students experience success and will leave our school with the necessary tools to be lifelong learners.


The school curriculum is further enriched through our specialist program which consists of Visual Arts, P.E., L.O.T.E (Japanese) and Performing Arts.  Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is also a feature of our school which teaches our students about sustainability, cooking and growing vegetables and fruits.


A strong wellbeing program which includes, Kids Matter, Better Buddies, Ripple Kindness, Bully Prevention and Values program, underpins the school's educational philosophies. The Restorative Practice philosophy guides student wellbeing practices by developing responsibility and building relationships.