Year 1 - 2


This term the year 1 and 2 students have been exploring our inquiry topic of ‘Under the Sea’. Students have learnt about all the various animal groups that are found under the sea; such as mammals, fish, crustaceans and many more. We have looked at their key features and investigated different habitats that are found under the sea. The class have been learnt about the life cycles of animals and what foods sea animals eat. As a key part of our topic students have chosen one sea animal to investigate and are working towards creating an eye catching presentation with interesting facts all about their sea animal. Students have loved researching their animals and sharing their new scientific knowledge with their peers.

SMART Spelling

SMART SPELLING is up and running in 2/3L. The grade 2’s first weekly focus is the digraph /ai/ making the “a” sound as in SNAIL.


On Mondays we SAY the word, we give the word MEANING, we ANALYSE the sounds and the letters of the word, we find the tricky parts of the word that we need to REMEMBER then we TEACH the word to someone else.


On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we practise our words by doing different activities such as meaningful sentences, making a word find, or spelling points for our weekly spelling focus words.


Finally, on Friday we are tested for our weekly words! Oh, and sometimes we go to our awesome friend, BOB. (Back of Book) to add a word or two to our weekly word list. We love SMART SPELLLING!