Year 3 - 4

STEM- Year 4F


A Belgian primary school teacher Georges Cuisenaire (1891–1975) designed these coloured rods to assist in the teaching of Maths.
Year 4F used Cuisenaire rods to construct towers. It was challenging, and the children needed to plan and trial combinations of rods to construct a successful tower. We discovered that using a range of sizes from largest to smallest resulted in the tallest towers. Some of the towers reached up to 80cm beforel they CRASHED!! 

We agreed as a class that we had fulfilled the TEM in STEM- Technology, Engineering, and Maths.


Grade 2/3L (along with the rest of WMPS) have been working really hard to improve our lines and meet the school expectation: ACT RESPONSIBLY. After recess and lunch we are working together (also using our TEAMWORK skills) to make sure we are all in two lines ready to enter the class for learning time. We are also ACTing RESPONSIBLY by walking in our lines, ensuring that the back of the line can keep up with the front! Together we are going to reach for the STARs!