Year 3 - 4


4F have been writing and reading procedural texts and this was a fun activity which combined both our love of construction and reading!!

While constructing our boxes we discovered we were using our maths skills as well, because we needed to measure before we cut the sides. We needed to use our fraction knowledge as some of the measurements were 2 ½ cm.

We discovered it made a 3D shape and we tried to measure its volume using 1cmᵌ blocks.

We needed to be accurate with the measurements so the lids would fit the bases! We were delighted with the results.

There were lots of happy children. 4F

Skittles vs M&Ms


3/4S had a wonderful time on our Skittles vs M&Ms challenge day. All our learning was based around the question on everyone’s lips. Which is better Skittles or M&Ms?


These were our tasks…


  • Reading and Viewing: Watch the adverts for Skittles and M&Ms. Identify which advert ‘sold’ the product better. A very intriguing persuasive text analysis.
  • Writing: Write a persuasive argument outlining 3 reasons why you believe Skittles are better than M&Ms (or vice versa)
  • Maths: Collecting data. Predicting no. What do we have in our packets? Frequency of colours etc…
  • Maths: Using data to compare and graph results.
  • Maths: Best Buy! Which is better value?


Lots of fun was had but we also learnt so much!

The winner…