Year 5 - 6

Brand New Learning Space

At the beginning of Term 2, we were lucky enough to move into the brand new refurbished Module A. Even within these first few weeks, there is so much learning happening. The 5/6 students have settled in well to the open learning environment. They have been busy getting to know the new nooks and crannies, expectations and in particular, enjoying the new large steps. It is very much a favourite of all the students! 




This term in Mathematics, we are focusing on building our knowledge of multiplication and division and applying this into other mathematical areas. You can see the 5/6 students here working on a rich open ended task. 

In Literacy, students have been studying the structure and language features of exposition and informational texts. They are further developing their knowledge of comprehension skills and applying them when examining a range of texts. Many resources are used to support the students learning in these areas.


In Integrated this term, the 5/6 students are learning about adaptations in living things and how their environment can be impacted. As we progress through the unit, students will have the opportunity to explore and investigate a range of adaptations within many organisms and display their learning in a final project. 


Inter-school Sport

The 5/6 students are currently representing Waverley Meadows Primary in the Wellington District Winter Sports Competition. We have teams competing in netball, tee-ball and soccer. For some, this is their first taste of competitive sport and everyone is really enjoying the experience. Trainings are held weekly during recess or lunch to encourage students to apply the skills they learn when they are competing.