We have three large classroom modules which have recently undergone extensive refurbishment and modernisation. These modules allow for flexible learning within spaces that enable teachers to work with their individual classes or run workshops where students can move between rooms and spaces for focus groups, small group projects or independent study. 

Module A and C each comprise

  • 4 classrooms
  • a breakout room
  • a sensory room
  • 2 wet areas with sinks
  • tiered seating area
  • teacher office
  • store room
  • school bag storage area
  • Girls and boys toilets

Module B comprises:

  • large art room
  • kitchen/canteen 
  • 2 classrooms
  • a breakout room 
  • wet area with sink
  • tiered seating area
  • teacher office
  • store room
  • school bag storage area
  • Girls and boys toilets

Each module and classroom within it are inviting and stimulating, designed to inspire and motivate students to learn and challenge themselves. Classrooms and learning spaces are connected in ways that encourage collaborative learning and gives students the confidence to move freely between areas to access resources, study spaces and teacher support. Technology is incorporated into every module with interactive TV panels, sets of laptops and iPads. 

The students of Waverley Meadows are spoilt for choice when it comes to options for outdoor play. There is plenty to do and lots of space to do it! 

Outdoor facilities include:

  • two large oval areas
  • football posts and soccer goals
  • rebound wall 
  • basketball court
  • netball court
  • two large playgrounds
  • large shaded sandpit
  • picnic tables
  • life size chess pieces and board 
  • shaded seating areas
  • rotunda with seating
  • extensive vegetable garden 
  • chicken coop and run 
  • buddy benches

Our large multipurpose building comprises a beautiful school library, music room, Japanese room, assembly hall and before and after school care space. 

Our administration wing is currently undergoing refurbishment and will have a brand new school entrance, large and more accessible reception desk,  modernised office facilities, a meeting room, first aid room, and teacher resource and conference hub.