School Vision and Values

At Waverley Meadows Primary School, we are driven by our school vision:

We develop our students to be critical and creative thinkers with a passion for learning. We will embrace opportunities for growth and act with kindness and respect.

We aim to nurture and grow emotionally intelligent children who are dedicated and resilient lifelong learners with well-developed problem solving skills. We provide engaging and stimulating learning experiences and programs using a personalised learning philosophy, whereby all children are supported to achieve their very best.

Students are well catered for by dedicated staff who take the time to get to know all students and their families.  Our small school enables us to focus on the specific needs of every child through a community approach. We have high expectations of all members of the Waverley Meadows Primary School Community and encourage and develop the use of a growth mindset in order to strive for the very best.

Social and emotional learning activities and approaches complement our rigorous academic programs. Opportunities for collaborative work are provided throughout our literacy, maths, science and integrated units of study.

Everything we do is through the lens of our school values which all students, staff and parents are expected to uphold.

A STAR of Waverley Meadows Primary School will demonstrate:

    • We act in a manner that keeps ourselves and those around us safe
    • We work together to achieve our goals
    • We take responsibility for our actions and our learning
    • We use kind words and gestures and celebrate the achievements of others.